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Alice in Wonderland

I am...


I ...a creator. I am meant to work with my hands. I find great happiness in being a part of making something from nothing. I find true freedom when I can take something from my imagination and turn it into reality. I believe it is my human experience.

I work great with all types of people. I can be a leader or a follower; I apply humility to life. I can read people well and discern who is good for what type of job. I am organized and can manage many spinning plates at one time. I can be part of a team or work solo. I understand timelines and deadlines. My prior cabinet design experience taught me this lesson; creative jobs cannot take precedence over production/sales; however, usually one cannot live without the other. One of my favorite marriages in life is when art meets logic. In the working world there are budgets, timelines, and corporate guidelines; some artist may think that hinders them but I look at it as a challenge. It challenges my brain to think outside of the box and be resourceful.

My past job experiences and training has lead me to want to create other realities and worlds that people can sit back, and fall in love with what they see. I want to create an emotion for someone; allow them to suspend their disbelief and let them step into something that is a living and breathing story; whether that is a movie set or a parade float, there is a story that is being told and I want to create that. It may be my own story or an interpretation, but I believe it needs to be touched and seen. I want my brain to work at its highest level of creation and the only way I know how is to keep challenging myself to recreate worlds for others and myself in order to be visually stimulated as much as possible.

My goal in life is to love what I do. I know me and that there will always be an art project of some sort going on around me; I create. It is who I am and who I have always been. It is what I, Kristina White, Scenic Designer, does.  

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